Pre-requisite for ALL English Courses

In order to be a student with Distancemedia you need to:   

i.     Be able in written and spoken English                                             
ii.    Have successfully completed Secondary School (GCSE or equivalent) or above
iii.   Be able to allocate at least 1 hour daily, Monday – Friday for the studies
iv.   Have a well functioning smartphone that is connected to the internet  (Wifi or through the Cellphone company)
v.    Have a laptop/desktop or a tablet that is connected to the internet. 
vi.   Use Facebook 
vii.  Use Whats app 
viii  Use Skype
ix.   Be willing to share knowledge, skills and positive attitudes learnt through Distancemedia courses with at least 3 persons. (The good news stories are to be shared relevantly and you will be a key person to help others learn to share the stories relevantly online)
x. Be an active follower of Jesus Christ.
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