Distancemedia 2.0 Courses 2014

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The DM 2.0 Still Image course is a part of the latest Distance Media program and focusses on using your mobile device to capture and report on events and happenings. It focusses on using your device efficiently as well as using social media services, creating associated text, and other key skills.

DM Journalism and Media Ethics is a 6 weeks course covering the following topics

  • The role of a radio/TV/Web journalist
  • The different roles in Journalism and production for Radio/TV/Internet
  • Co-operation and teamwork in media production
  • Interviewing for a news report
  • Media ethics and laws
  • Conventions for news production (media policies etc.)

DM Disciple  is a 4 week course aiming for enabling participants to start online or off-line  exploring groups. Its designed to develop understanding, skills and attitudes for leading people to deeper insights, actions and discipleship. 

DM Communication with a Purpose is the 3rd module in the DM foundation course. It focuses the basics of communication in general and as sharing online in particular. 

The DM Web Radio course is a part of the Distance Media program and focusses on Internet Radio. It covers these four major areas: Web Radio versus traditional Radio; Streaming, pod and on demand Radio; The strengths of merging media; and Technical requirements for Web Radio.

DM Audio is a DM 2.0 course that specialize in different kind of audio for Citizen Online Media. 

DM Moving Image is a DM 2.0 course that specialize in different kind of video for Citizen Online Media.

DM 2.0 Citizen Journalism is the second module is the DM foundation course. It introduces the concepts of journalism in general and citizen online journalism in particular.

DM Study Gateway is the gateway to the entire Distancemedia.net training program and its the first step in the foundation course. In this course each student gets a possiblity to try Online Learning with Distancemedia.net (DM). Successful completion of this course is a pre-requisite for all DM courses. 

A basic foundation of communication theory is given as well as different online learning skills needed for studying with DM.